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We are the Appliance repair and service company, we provide our service for all kind of appliance, home or business, kitchen or other - best prices are guarantee. We are serving to people since 1972, and our priority is costumer satisfaction and best service available. If you have any kind of problem or a professional advice - fill out a free form and get help right away.

My Air conditioner is stop cooling and it's pretty hot in my area, so I decide to get my A/c done. But it's not easy to get a really professional and cheap Appliance company, but I got luck and find a really cool Appliance repair company for my self. First thing is they save my money and fix my Air Conditioner pretty fast - this is so great and important for me, so I really got satisfy with this guy's and highly recommend this company for all who looking for a Appliance service or repair. Have a great day.

Jenny P., Las Vegas, NV.