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Affordable home improvements that will add value to your house (Part 3)

- 12. Free your counter tops in the kitchen from all debris. Keep them as open as possible. Make the kitchen look bigger. If this means boxing up items you only use periodically, do so. Clean those cabinets and organize them. People do look inside and don't want your disorganized junk falling out at them when they open them. Again, downsize, making it look like more storage space than is actually there.

- 13. Keep your kitchen appliances spotless and the refrigerator smelling fresh clean and with use a box of baking soda at the back to absorb smells. Keep your drains smelling good by adding white vinegar or baking soda to the drain pipes once a week while up for sale.

- 14. Pick up the bedrooms. Show off their size and beauty. Sometimes all it takes is a new comforter and valance and toys placed in a strategic location. Keep clothing hung in managed closets. Don't store boxes full of stored goods in the closets as closets sell houses. Rent a storage unit until the house is sold so that extra clothing and closet debris is out of the way and people can see how large a closet space you have, even if you don't.

- 15. Clean the windows. People love to look out to see their "land". Doing so from clean windows make the house feel larger and newer.

- 16. Bathrooms: Well what can I say? Make sure they are spotless. Even if this means cleaning them on a daily basis. Keep toiletries hidden and nice fresh towels on the racks during showings. Make sure there is no mold around the shower or tub. Make sure the caulking is fresh and clean. Remove rugs if they are dingy and make sure the flooring is spotless.

- 17. Lastly, if you have a garage, clean it up. Buy storage bins and get everything off the floor. Sweep it out and organize so that the car or cars fit nicely and there is still room to have a small work area. If the floor is cracked, patch it and paint with epoxy paint. If the floor is in good repair just make sure it is clean and organized.

  These are a few basic some tips for spending very little money but getting back a good return on your most precious investment. Even if the kitchen appliances and/or cabinets are outdated and the paint not what the purchaser is fond of, they will be more inclined to make an offer knowing that they can move in and get work done while residing in the house. Only investors want a "gut" job, thereby causing a low ball offer.

  Depending upon where your house is, in the pricing category, will depend on how much you need to spend to "get it sold". It should go without saying that all major systems need to be in working order so have these checked out prior to putting the house on the market. Selling "as is" means a lower return on your investment. Sometimes you have to spend money to make money. I guess a good rule of thumb is to leave your house looking as good as the one you wish to purchase.

  Start to prepare early, spend wisely, look at your comparable in the neighborhood, and have fun. This is a very stressful time but can be well worth the effort and elbow grease in the end. The best advice I can give you is to not give up. There may be 100's of lookers but remember there is only 1 buyer and that buyer may be the one you least likely suspect! Happy house selling.
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