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Online Grocery Shopping Made Easy - Internet Food Shopping and Home Delivery in the US

- Small supermarket are out on the streets every day, delivering groceries to homes up and down the US. While the idea of food home delivery may still seem alien to some, ordering online is a fairly quick and easy process once the sign-up phase is complete.

- To register, customers must be over 18 years of age. The process usually begins with a postcode search, so the store can ascertain whether they deliver to the area in question. If they do then the customer will be required to enter in the full address, email details and must create a personal password for log-in purposes. The login name will usually be the email address. They may give the option to sign up for email alerts, usually to do with special offers and discounts). Credit card details may also be asked for at this stage, or may need to be entered in later once the customer reaches the online check out.

- There are many advantages to buying groceries online and once the account is set up, the rest should be plain sailing. The first ‘shop’ will probably be the longest and trickiest as it takes a while to get used to the layout and processes.

- To get started, look at the different food categories. These are usually divided up clearly into produce types and then sub-categories. So from 'Fruit and Vegetables' there will be the choice of tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, etc, and from here the produce will be divided further into varieties and organic or otherwise. There may be the option to order these and other items such as meat by their weight or simply by however they happen to be pre packaged. Once the customer clicks on ‘order’ for an item it is added to the shopping list and a running total is kept. When the list is ready, credit card details need to be entered and an email will be sent out confirming the cost and delivery time. The shopping list can usually be amended up until the night before delivery. Handy for forgotten items or if a dinner party needs catering at short notice.

- Once this first order has been delivered it can be used as a template for subsequent orders so favourite or regular items can easily be found and added. The store will often highlight special offers and make suggestions for cheaper alternatives. They will also suggest alternatives if, for some reason, a product is temporarily unavailable or discontinued.

- Store websites also have recipes and there is usually a ‘buy ingredients’ button, which will add all the recipe items to the shopping basket there and then. Shoppers can also print the recipe or email to themselves for later reference. For those more accustomed to ready-made meals, this can be an easy and interesting way to learn about cooking. The recipe may also come with clever hints on which dessert and drink to pair the meal with and these of course will be available to buy on the same website.

Home Delivery of Groceries Saves Time and Energy
- Having someone delivery directly to the home is a godsend to those who are reliant on public transport. Carting heavy bags with tinned goods and pints of milk is not fun and in the long term can lead to back problems. Come wintertime, waiting for a delivery in the comfort of ones own home is much more preferable to waiting in the cold, wind and rain at a crowded bus stop.

- Delivery charges do usually apply but can be minimalistic with a little forward thinking. Many supermarkets offer cheaper delivery costs later in the evening but check when booking which slots are the least costly. In the run up to public holidays, delivery times need to be scheduled well in advance as they go fast.

- When the van arrives, the delivery person can either bring the groceries into the house or can drop them at the door. Groceries will be delivered in plastic bags but for greener shopping, request delivery without bags and transfer the items directly into the kitchen or into personal crates or bags at home. Sometimes items on the list are unavailable. The store will probably try and substitute it with a similar item but there is no obligation to accept substitutions and such items can be returned to the delivery person and monies will be refunded.