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-- My wife recently lost a job and with 2 kids in this economy, it's been really difficult for us.  I've barely been able to make ends meet for the last several months, and the electric company already shut off our electricity.  I knew we were going to receive my social security check -- I'm on disability - but when our car broke down and we had to choose between paying for it to be repaired (and towed) or to pay the electric bill.  We needed our car, we were hoping that the electric company wouldn't cut off our electricity, our having 2 little kids and all.  Well, it turns out they did, and no matter how much I pleaded with them and requested to speak to supervisors, all came to no avail I could not get absolutely anywhere, and they would not even reconnect the power back on until and unless I brought my account current and in full - without any possibility of even a slight arrangement and accommodation, and to add insult to injury, I also had to pay reconnection fees at that point! It was a disaster! I chewed them out, and said that just because they could do all that scanless crap and get away with it because it's in their terms of service and privacy policy that no one ever reads, it doesn't make it right!  I paid my bills on time each and every time for the last 19 years at this very address, and prior to that I've paid to them for electricity on our previous address.  I could not get anywhere with these idiots, so  I called family, friends, nothing, no one could help us - at least, this is what they all said.

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