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Creamsicle Floats

Float If there was one thing that stood out for me from LA it's the creaminess floats which made for dessert.

The recipe, which comes from L.A. -- just a combination of three ingredients: vanilla ice cream, fresh tangerine juice, and seltzer.

I loved the way the tart flavor of thetangerine juice was offset by the creamy vanilla ice a cream (store-bought in my re-creation, though the recipe callsfor homemade).

To make a single serving for you , add just one scoop of vanilla ice cream to a glass with approximately 1/3cup of fresh tangerine juice and top with seltzer (watch out it's foams up). Serve with a straw and a napking.

This recipe got me thinking about juice/ice cream combinations that mightmake for delicious floats. If you have any suggestions, leave a comment below.