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On broken eggs and other such broken things

broken egg

I feel like I’ve been breaking things all day.

First there was the printer…. and then another printer. Two printers… broken.

Then a simple trip to the restroom seemed to be enough to unhinge the entire door.

Now… my site is feeling a little broken as well.

Here’s what’s going on. I’ll explain it as I understand it.

I’ve gotten a few emails from readers that their IP addresses have been blacklisted and blocked from my site. Their questions were the same as mine: what the heck!?

It turns out that the blacklisting scandal is a hosting problem.

The hosting company I have used has increased their level of security. That’s good, right? Well, yes and no.

See, there’s this company called Spamhaus.

Spamhaus is in charge of compiling giant lists of evil spamming IP addresses. They then send these lists to my hosting company. In turn, my hosting company will block that IP address, thus saving me from the spam nasties.

But Oh No! Some of you and your IP addresses are getting on this Spamhaus list and you’re finding yourselves banned from my site! This may not be your fault. You may have inherited a bum IP address, as they change every once in a while.

Now what do we do? Well, first I think we should have a good cry…. no? Ok. First we should have a doughnut. Then, if you find that you get this error message on this site, or any other site, you can check whether or not your on the naughty You can also email me with any dirty error messages you might have received and I’ll contact my hosting company.

I’m working my way away from broken. Just wanted to let you know!