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Seasonal Soup — Soupe de saison

Easy Sage-Flavored Vegetable Soup for the Boston Globe

I know. It’s been quite a while now since I’ve written and shared some photos and a recipe with you. I miss coming to this space to write. But I know you will forgive me. Imagine this: my parents are here to spend a few weeks with our. They are discovering their first grand-child, and enjoying every minute of their time. As to us, we enjoy watching them love Lulu as grand-parents do.

These special days fly by, regrettably. Most days — actually every day — my dad is busy renovating, tidying and building shelves for my kitchen (lucky me!); my mum cooks with me, and when I am busy with Lulu, she prepares more food. It’s truly lovely to have her in the kitchen prepare the foods I always enjoy when I visit them in France.

We also take daily walks at the park after long lunches eaten the French way. Well, simply, we have happy times I am glad to have and want to remember. It is an important time in our life.

There’s been some writing and testing nevertheless, even if at a much slower pace. I have a soup that you might enjoy,I wrote for the. It’s extremely easy to make, and still something lovely to be enjoyed during the rest of winter.

Then, I am still in the process of organizing the recipe testing. Bear with me. It will take some time before I am finished, but I promise to give some news soon on that front.

So yes, crazy busy with life these days.

But I love being a mother.

Even if I am sleep deprived, and wished for more time to manage it all.

At least, we always eat well and healthily — and that keeps us going.

So enjoy the soup! It’s a recipe for busy people who still want to eat a healthy and scrumptious meal.