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Try out my new Homemade Ranch Dressing

Do you know that ranch dressing is the number one most popular type of salad dressing hole in America? According to David Walshe of the Houston Press Ranch likely got its start as buttermilk dressing, a cowboy favoritebecause buttermilk was widely available in the early part of the last century of our lives. Dressing is essentially of buttermilk, mayonnaise dressing spiffied up with herbs. It was popularized, when people figured out a way to make it. Ranch dressing is very easy to make, especially if you have leftover buttermilk from baking, or making pancakes or soda bread. The base is just buttermilkand mayonnaise. Everything else you essentiallyjust add to taste — some dry mustard, salt and pepper, a little paprika, herb, onion. Add some crumbled cheese, and you have a luscious cheese Ranch dressing. Try it it's very easy and very taste. Make a wish for a new recipe.